My idea of photographing

Anyone who has ever been on a mighty mountain or stood on the steep slope of a cliff in front of the sea, will remember the overwhelming feeling at this moment. For me such moments are among the highlights of my life. Like most others, I always tried to capture some of this magic with a photo. The results were depressing. Nothing of what I felt was on the photo afterwards. The reason for this is, that a photo appeals to only one sense.  

I can’t feel the wind. I can’t smell  the landscape with its plants. I can’t hear the booming impact of the surf on the rocks, hundreds of meters below. And that’s only a small part of what I can’t see in a photo. Because our senses are limited: no ultrasound, no UV light, no radio waves and certainly not the metaphysical that undoubtedly exists in our immediate environment. This is exactly where my idea of photography came from.

I want to add a kind of sixth sense to my pictures and show what nature normally keeps hidden. Not every place reveals something about itself. But the places in the gallery here, mainly from Isla de Ibiza, have a story to tell, that no one has ever seen before. All photos are mirrored 1:1. „Secrets of Symmetry“ is a simple reflection of reality. The effects along the centre line are not manipulated in no way. Discover and see what you believe to see.

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